How Agents Benefit with the CHAMP PLAN

The Champ Plan Personalized Clinical Health Prevention Program
  • Create NewFoundFunds™ for each of your clients and their employees to be used for secondary sales! $552+ x Quantity of employees = NewFoundFunds™ for employers while Employees take home pay increases $600 to $3600/yr 
  • The Champ Plan™ should be an added benefit for every company in America - changing the behavior of employees to be healthier, while providing personalized clinical health prevention care  
  • Be the first to offer something truly unique, fresh and new, which your clients will want to hear about! 
  • Win for Employers, Win for Employees and for you as a Champ Plan Advisor - it's simply a no-brainer proposition 
  • Zero Cost for both employers and employees 
  • All employees have guaranteed acceptance in the Champ Plan™ program - No underwriting 
  • You receive significant passive, residual income – for every 1000 employees who join the Champ Plan™ you receive $120,000+ a year in compensation 
  • Set yourself up for life and create a legacy for your family that can be passed on 
  • Close each deal with the employer, then simply hand off the nationwide employee enrollment process to a Champion Health contracted outsourced agency at no extra cost to you. 
  • NO COST TO JOIN as an Advisor
Welcome to the Life of a Champ
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