How Employers Benefit with the CHAMP PLAN™

THE CHAMP PLAN: Designed with You and Your Employees in Mind The Champ Plan™ was developed over the last nine years as an Artificial Intelligence “AI” based smartphone APP and an insurance benefits program based upon technology which offers proactive medical care that helps to identify, treat and monitor potential health risks. It actually changes the behavior of employees to be healthier. The beta test was successful last year, which allowed us to launch nationwide in 2019. So far we are doubling the number of participants monthly and 90% of all employees offered the program are participating. WHAT IT IS The CHAMP Plan is an independent benefit plan that will not replace or interfere with your primary health plan or any other benefit plan that may already be in place. We work seamlessly with HMO's, PPO's, FSA's, HSA's, and fully self-insured plans. Our benefits plan will simply become an additional offering for your company. WIN WIN WIN It is a “Personal Proactive Health Improvement Program” with effectiveness verification via the AI APP, not a generalized wellness program without accountability, in which the employers get paid to offer it through a FICA tax savings ($500+ per employee per year), and the employees get an increase in their take home pay along with a generous package of meaningful $0 co-pay/$0 deductible benefits ... all for no out-of-pocket cost.for anyone. IMMEDIATE SAVINGS Champion Health specializes in setting up companies on a self-funded health plan that produces a net saving from month one. Our proprietary technology, expertise and experience will reduce the time and effort required by your team. Whether your company is large or small our solution is a perfect fit.  


Employers for the first time can know in real-time the health of their employees via a dashboard screen and can actually do something to positively affect it. Because employees use their The Champ Plan™ benefits first, the program “lowers health care spend” dramatically -- something which is at the heart of most firm’s goals.  

In addition to reducing claims by improving employees' health, we take a large load off of your current primary health plan by covering primary care office visits, urgent care office visits, and generic prescriptions.

What percentage of your current claims are related to these costs? At renewal, premiums are directly tied to annual claims made against your primary plan. Considerable savings can be achieved depending on your aggregate claims data.


We've heard over and over how health premiums are one of the largest cost for employers. Rest assured with Champion Health you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with substantial savings to the company's bottom line.  

Offering competitive benefits attracts, satisfies, and retains top talent. In fact, 80% of employees would choose benefits over a pay raise. This intelligent, verifiable solution is finally available to businesses with twenty or more employees.  

Improve employee retention, add a benefit when attracting talent, reclaim tens to hundreds of thousands in FICA savings, what we refer to as "NewFoundFunds™" and offer real, proactive, zero-cost health benefits that will be used by 100% of participants.  

The best part is we do the heavy lifting for you. All that is required is a payroll census and we come back with a Proposal detailing all the numbers. Because Champ is the 3rd Party Administrator, driven by their custom AI technology and software, and our Enrollment Team takes care of enrollment, launching requires no extra staffing and is easy to implement and run.  

See the two white papers in the Champ Plan Overview drop down menu for more details. . Contact Julia today for more specific information and see for yourself what The Champ Plan™ can do for your bottom line! 

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